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Universal Repeater is a technology used to extend wireless coverage. Compared to the traditional WDS (Wireless Distribution System) technology, Universal Repeater not only has an easier setup method, but also provides better performance and compatibility.

The strength of a wireless signal and the range of wireless coverage on wireless routers are affected by many factors. Common problems and drawbacks include transmission distance and the thickness of the walls or ceiling. Hence, it is necessary sometimes to extend the wireless signal to other rooms using more than one wireless router or AP (access point). WDS is commonly the technology assigned to perform the task. However, it has many limitations as noted below.

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● MAC addresses are required to set up the WDS.
● If three routers (Router-A, Router-B and Router-C) are needed to extend the wireless coverage, then Router-A has to setup the MAC addresses of Router-B and Router-C. Router-B has to setup the MAC addresses of Router-A and Router-C. Router-C has to setup the MAC addresses of Router-A and Router-B. Hence, meaning that the more routers or APs that become involved in a project, the more complicated the configuration procedure becomes. (Graph 1)
● The entire bandwidth will be divided equally by the total number of the routers, hence resulting in possible inefficiency in bandwidth utilization.
● Routers from different manufacturers may not be compatible when setting up the WDS.

(Graph 1)

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Universal Repeater resolves the limitation of WDS mentioned above.
● You can simply use an SSID to connect all wireless routers.
● The setup procedure between routers is much easier.
In the case mentioned above, if Router-A is the main router connecting to the Internet, you only need to setup Router-B to connect to Router-A using an SSID, and then Router-C to connect to Router-B. (Graph 2) Alternatively, you can make Router-B and Router-C both connect to Router-A using an SSID. (Graph 3)
● The entire bandwidth is shared among all routers, so as to achieve optimal bandwidth utilization.
● There is no compatibility issue as all routers are connected using an SSID.

(Graph 2) (Graph 3)