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TurboNAT is a network acceleration technology specially designed by AXIMCom in order to resolve the decreased NAT throughput caused by heavy traffic. TurboNAT can increase the NAT throughput, offload the router's burden, and improve the network stability along with network quality.

What is NAT?

NAT (Network Address Translation) is the core technology of a router which is responsible for the switch between the public IP addresses and the private IP addresses. All the network devices behind the router (in the LAN) are with private IP addresses. Only the outer interface which connects to the Internet is connected with a public IP address. When a network device in the LAN connects to the Internet, the router will replace its private IP address with a public IP address. Similarly, when an outer traffic intends to connect to a particular network device in the LAN, the router will transfer the request to the corresponding device.
NAT has many advantages, for example, it allows many computers/network devices to connect to the Internet using only a few public IP addresses. It also allows the private IP addresses to be added, deleted, or changed without affecting the connection to the Internet. Furthermore, it is able to provide a high security level because all the network devices are not directly connected to the Internet, hence, reducing the chance of a malicious attack by viruses or hackers. If combined with a firewall, it can also scan the packets to prevent malicious attacks or show statistics of the network traffic.

Despite having the advantages such as convenience and security, NAT is often the bottleneck of a network performance. As all traffic needs to be handled by NAT, a router is likely to be overloaded under heavy traffic. In this situation, the network performance decreases, and users will experience a slow network, or low network efficiency (e.g. Using only 15Mbps of bandwidth even though having 30Mbps of bandwidth available).


AXIMCom's TurboNAT technology is designed to resolve the NAT performance bottleneck issue experienced under heavy traffic. For example, in AXIMCom's P2P Gear Pro and 3G/3.5G Mobile Router series, TurboNAT increases the NAT throughput to 95 Mbps, which is 225% the performance of traditional NAT mechanism. As a result, AXIMCom's TurboNAT is especially powerful and effective when dealing with large bandwidths, up to 100Mbps.