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Online casino europe hotels

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file icon Firmware (v 2.0.8 RC10)hot!Tooltip 01/04/2013 Hits: 188
1. Added iPhone 5 internet tethering.
2. Fixed after iPhone iOS 6 software update cannot access.
3. Added exFAT format support.
4. Added 3G dongle support.
- TP-Link MA180
- Bell 330U
file icon Firmware (v2.0.8 RC7)hot!Tooltip 08/14/2012 Hits: 616
1. Added XpresSet App Aircloud file management function.
2. Added 3G dongle support.
- D-Link DWM-157
- HUAWEI K4511
- ZTE MC2716
- Sierra U312
- Sierra U330
- Novatel Wireless U998
- LongLung C5300
3. Change the GUI display.
4. Fixed the Automatic Reboot value will be default when reboot and change.
5. Fixed the USB551L connection lost issue.
file icon Firmware (v2.0.8 RC3 )hot!Tooltip 06/21/2012 Hits: 252
1. Modifyed use Android can not login in setting issue.
2. Modifyed use Apple iPad and iPhone display issue.
3. Modifyed DHCP Server function.
4. Modifyed WISP connection issue.
5. Modifyed wireless compatibility.
6. Modifyed auto reboot function.
7. Changrd AirCloud-Drive port number.
8. Added 3G dongle support.
- HUAWEI T1731
- NOVATEL wireless U679
- ZTE MF631
- ZTE MF668
file icon Firmware (v 2.0.7 RC40)hot!Tooltip 12/29/2011 Hits: 507
1. Added iPhone 4S internet tethering
2. Added 3G dongle support
- Nokia CS12
- D-Link DWR510

※ 1. Please reset to default after upgrading.
2. Do not load configure after default.
file icon Firmware (v 2.0.7 RC30) hot!Tooltip 10/31/2011 Hits: 437
1. Fixed after iPhone iOS 5 software update cannot access.
2. Modifyed 3G/4G connection type.
3. Added Guest LAN function.
4. Add 3G dongle support.
- Huawei E173
- Huawei EC168C
- Huawei EC169
- ZTE MF820
- Nokia CS11
- Vibo D200

※ 1. Please reset to default after upgrading.
2. Do not load configure after default.
3. Please upgraded firmware version 2.0.7 RC16; then, upgrade firmware version 2.0.7 RC30.
file icon Firmware (v 2.0.7 RC16)hot!Tooltip 07/26/2011 Hits: 584
1. Fixed XBOX360 cannot use the WPA2 encryption
2. Added logout setting page function
3. Added 3G signal strength display
4. Added VPN client function
5. Added WISP function
6. Modify the DHCP server
7. Modify the WAN connection type
8. Added syslog server function
9. Added auto reboot router function
10. Added 3G dongle support
    - Alcatel X220L
    - Alcatel X215S
file icon Firmware (v 2.0.7 RC8)hot!Tooltip 04/14/2011 Hits: 634
1. Fixed after iPhone iOS 4.3 software update cannot access
2. Added BlackBerry support
    BlackBerry 9000
    BlackBerry 9500
    BlackBerry 9520
    BlackBerry 9650
    BlackBerry 9700
    BlackBerry 9800 (Torch)
3. Added Automatic reboot function
4. Added Aircloud function
file icon Product Spechot!Tooltip 03/10/2011 Hits: 1656
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