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Casino online villento

Online casino villento

AXIMCom’s AF series, 4G/3G failover protection router, is designed for SMEs needing dual links for an uninterrupted network connection. By connecting a 3G/4G modem to AXIMCom’s AF series, you can immediately create a backup link for your fixed line (xDSL or cable) connection, ensuring non-stop network connectivity. AXIMCom’s AF series also supports 802.11n technology, so you can enjoy the fastest and farthest wireless coverage! Furthermore, it is also equipped with additional functions/capabilities such as iDBM (Intelligent Bandwidth Management), TurboNAT, PPTP/IPsec server, MRTG functionalities, hence providing smooth/efficient bandwidth sharing and ease of network management.










Online casino villento

AXIMCom’s GC series, 4G/3G network converter router, is designed for businesses and branch offices have a secure wireless 4G/3G broadband connection. By simply connecting a GC series router, you can create a highest level of security of network environment. Furthermore, GC series supports public IP Passthrough, failover protection and failback recovery which can provide you a highest level of reliability and security networking circumstances.


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Online casino villento

AXIMCom's VR Series is designed for heavy network users, renters, mobile office and anyone need to using secure network connection tying your company to the world. AXIMCom's VR series has VPN Server to supoort any required VPN policy. The VPN feature allows users to securely connect multiple computers over the Internet. AXIMCom's VR series support IPSec, PPTP and can handle pass-through traffic. Furthermore, AXIMCom's VR series also support 802.11n technology, so you can enjoy the fastest and farthest wireless converage.





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